Get Your Own Dedicated Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Ideal for

  • Moving your company servers into the cloud
  • Building a farm of dedicated virtual servers to integrate with your existing LAN/Infrastructure
  • Combining with remote desktop access or dedicated VDI for a full cloud solution

Our easy to use control panel allows you to deploy private cloud for your company. In contrast to public cloud computing, private cloud computing empowers your business with dedicated resources, allows more extensive control of resource management, and provides a dedicated environment for standards compliance or certification.

Public Cloud

Get your own dedicated VPS cloud server on our infrastructure.

Ideal for

  • Dedicated web or application servers.
  • Migrating small environments to the cloud
  • Moving specific line of business services to the cloud.

Dedicated Servers on Shared or Dedicated Hardware Infrastructure

Setting up a private cloud is easy and , especially when you use our existing enterprise grade and redundant cloud infrastructure. You get access to affordable  hypervisor servers from our own cluster, with your own dedicated VLAN and full control of your virtual servers.

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Host IT’s backup service played a vital role throughout our server upgrade project. I found it very reliable, easy to use and incredibly FAST. The email and spam filtering service they provide is also second to none, blocking 100′s of unsolicited emails to us everyday.
Mark Kavanagh