Reduce collateral damage from stolen devices

Safetica ensures that the losses from a stolen laptop or flashdrive are limited to the physical device only. Data on lost or stolen devices is protected by government-level encryption.

Safetica enables you to get an immediate image of the data from the time of the theft, accelerating the speed of data replacement and reducing time losses to a minimum.

Key features:

  • Remote Management Console
  • Disk Encryption
  • Traveller Disks
  • DLP Protocol

Protect data en route to customers

Safetica encryption protects crucial business data as it travels with you to partners and customers. Encrypted data can be transferred with a normal flashdrive and shown on a customer’s computer without requiring Safetica installation. The flashdrive itself contains the needed drivers.

For the regular exchange of protected files, your customer/partner can use Safetica Free at no cost, completing the security circle. Stay informed over what channels data left the company walls and whether it was encrypted or not.

Key features:

  • File Encryption
  • Traveller Disks
  • DLP Protocol

Lost password does not mean lost data

Protects confidential data from an accidental lock-in with asymetric encryption. This ensures your information can always be unlocked and available with an encryption key.

Keep data secured everywhere from one location

Updated Safetica Management Console gives you the power to conveniently manage or encrypted drives, flashdrives and laptops from a single place. Safetica Management Console runs on majority of Windows operating systems including Windows 8.

Even when away from your computer, Safetica will alert you about dangerous incidents via your Blackberry, iPhone or any other email capable device.