Safetica provides a full DLP (Data Leak Prevention) solution covering security threats stemming from a common source – the human factor. Its comprehensive approach includes a wide set of security tools which would otherwise require several applications from different vendors.

Once Safetica is installed, your company will be protected with an enterprise strength Data Leak Prevention solution, management will receive complete activity reports and you will be able to limit user actions based on your company securit politics.

Full suite DLP solution

Covers all major data leaks channels. Safetica is endpoint DLP with network DLP capabilities.

Universal Approach

Agnostic approach frees Safetica from reliance on a particular set of protocols or applications.

Short time-to-benefit

Universal approach to data leak channels brings the fastest user deployment in its class.

Clearly defined data policies

User selected Safe Areas create locations from which confidential data cannot leave, Safetica automatically takes care of the security.

High level of tamper-resistance

Protects against manipulation by users with administrative rights.

Exact time tracking

Opened doesn’t mean actively used. Safetica activity reports show the exact user time spent on websites or in applications.

Covers all specialty escape channels

Safetica protects data even from special functions such as printscreening, clipboard stealing, virtual printing, file transformations, archiving, and encryption.

Automatic evaluation and alerts

Safetica picks the most important data and sends it to the assigned email, giving you focused data without drowning in thousands of logs.