Safetica is the world’s only Data Leak Prevention software that offers complete prevention from human factor failures. In the hunt for perfect cover from all major threats, Safetica incorporates a wide variety of security features which would otherwise require multiple software and services to be installed in your company.
These features cover six important solutions:
  • Full-suite Data Leak Prevention platform
  • Device management
  • Data encryption
  • Measure staff productivity
  • Activity filtering and blocking
  • Regulatory compliance

Full-suite Data Leak Prevention platform

With Safetica, confidential data remains inside your company’s defined security perimeter. Safetica enables your company to find and secure data, control access to it and protect it enroute to customers.

Safetica is the only Data Leak Prevention platform that uncovers the wider context of a security incident – what the insider did before and after the attempted breach and whether it was an accident or prepared attack.

Productivity Measurement

Safetica gives you a window into your company, spotting behavioral trends and enabling you to anticipate security and productivity issues. You can see if people are really doing their job functions or are distracted by lower priority tasks.

Device Management

Safetica gives you full control over removable media in the company network, allowing data to come in but not go out on employee devices. Safetica Management Console enables you to eliminate the security threats of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and build device policies for the entire company.

Activity Filtering

Build a more productive work environment with Safetica by eliminating time wasting factors. Safetica offers an effective solution for developing and enforcing the company AUP and reducing printing costs.

Data encryption

With Safetica you can let the fear of stolen devices. Encryption solution based on Safetica will protect you from financial and reputation losses caused by lost or stolen flashdrive or laptop containing data that could get to your competition.

Regulatory compliance

Safetica helps you identify personal identifiable information such as health or tax records, classify them and ensure their confidentiality and integrity.