Remote exploit protection

By locking down email delivery to only our globally dispersed email network we can prevent the spammers and crackers from ever getting to your email servers and eliminate a potential access point to your network. We filter for vulnerability laden emails often containing malformed payloads and headers specifically designed to bypass your server and desktop anti virus programs and open your network up to infection and control by crackers and bot networks. This is a vital level of protection against trojans and worms entering your network.

Dictonary attack protection

This occurs when spammers attempt to send emails to every variant of emailaddress@yourcompanies often swamping your email server with thousands of emails per hour crippling your infrastructure and internet connectivity using up valuable resources and preventing you from doing business. This cannot be stopped at your server level efficiently. We can prevent and protect you against these types of attacks from spammers and bot networks.

Botnet protection

Botnets are networks of compromised machines that are used to send out thousands of junk and spam emails to companies email servers,these botnets perform their work from thousands of different addresses that are constantly changing making it very difficult to prevent these type of attacks.These attacks can quickly swamp a companies email server and result in high server load and thousands of spam emails hitting your servers.By sitting your email servers behind ours these type of attacks are no longer effective as our filtering software is trained to identify and block these compromised hosts

Host IT’s backup service played a vital role throughout our server upgrade project. I found it very reliable, easy to use and incredibly FAST. The email and spam filtering service they provide is also second to none, blocking 100′s of unsolicited emails to us everyday.
Mark Kavanagh