Cloud Services


Cloud Infrastructure

We can design and implement a wide range of public private and hybrid cloud services to allow you to move some of your critical infrastructure offsite for more redundancy and availability.

We utilize Microsofts Azure and Amazons AWS Cloud offerings to allow us marry your onsite requirements along with services that can be put into the cloud to give you greater flexibility.

Host-It recognises that existing systems may still have value and can be married with newer cloud-based technologies to provide quick, affordable and comprehensive IT solutions tailored to your needs.

Before deciding how to adopt the cloud, it is key to understand the benefits you will realise and how they fit in with your overall business and IT objectives, as well as the different concepts and strategies you can employ with public, private, and hybrid, along with SaaS, IaaS and PaaS.

With ever-changing technology, it is important to stay up to date with security, risk management, and governance and how the cloud can continue to help solve those challenges for your business.

One final thing to remember is that moving to the cloud is not just an IT project or initiative. It requires organisational alignment and needs everyone’s buy-in for it to be truly successful.