IT Security Services


Information security is a daunting area of responsibility for in-house IT staff. On the one hand, constantly evolving threats, ever-increasing complexity, and stricter regulatory compliance obligations demand increasingly specialised yet diverse expertise. On the other hand, internal security resources are constrained with pressures to reduce costs, improve productivity and generally do more with less. It’s a dilemma for which there is a solution— Managed IT Security Services (MITSS)

We can role out security services to deliver relatime protection and mitigation of it sec related issues.

At Host-It we take a layered security approach to protect your systems as best as possible to prevent security issues.

We start at the edge and work our way in.

Next Gen Anti Virus

Next gen cloud based anti virus with built in anti malware and DNS based content filtering,always up to date.One of the easiest ways to protect your endpoints and servers.

Email Filtering

Add out hosted spam and phishing filtering service onto your office 365 or in house mail server and get an additional layer of protection against the latest threats and phishing  email attacks.

Managed Firewall

Help lock down your perimeter network using our managed firewall services.With integrated deep packet inspection and intrusion detection as standard,as well as application  patrol and content filtering options.

Device Management

Help reduce the risk of GDPR  data breaches with our Mobile device management solutions.Control and remotely erase and disable devices.

Authentication Solutions

Adding Two factor authentication in to your External Applications and Perimeter you can greatly reduce the risks of password compromises and cracked web applications passwords from ,data breaches and password bots.

Cyber Security Training

Get  up to speed on the latest risks and prevention methods with our easy to use Cyber Security Video  training Modules.Lower your employee risk through education and training.