Network Configuration and Installation

In order to run like clockwork, businesses today rely a great deal on computer network designs. Initially, most enterprises employed only local area networks (LAN), which connected computers and other devices to on-site servers. Small offices would usually have a single LAN, while bigger ones tended to have several ones.

However, as the needs of businesses became more complex and with more and more employees using their own devices at work or off-site, companies began designing wide area networks (WAN) for greater flexibility. Unlike a local area network, which is confined within a single building or several buildings over a relatively short distance, wide area networks can be accessed just about anywhere as it links across regional, national, and even international boundaries. This makes it easier for employees to work from home or out of the office as well to access data remotely and securely.

Some of the advantages of well-designed LAN and WAN networks are as follows:

  • Costs reduction – Designing a single, consolidated network allows companies to save on potentially expensive network costs.
  • Scalability for growing companies – Investing in more intelligent networking equipment allows you to upgrade your network easier as your company grows — all without having to worry about the quality of your services being affected as a result.
  • Simplified network management – Having an efficient and robust network for various data and applications allows you to streamline the network installation, implementation, management process.
  • More efficient communication – Depending on the kind of network you want designed and installed for your business, you can have applications like emails, voicemails and faxes integrated into the communication network. Your employees will never be out of touch even when they are in other parts of the office or building.
  • Work remotely – When traveling or working remotely, employees can use their computers to access company data or receive calls using the company’s phone system.

At Host-IT, we want your business to take advantage of the most cost-effective communications and networking solutions so your associates can work efficiently and maintain your company’s competitive edge. To learn more about the advanced business network design solutions we can offer your business, get in touch on 01 5241155


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