In a customer-oriented business the customer is the single most important entity. In the olden days when business deals were conducted across tables, vendors and customers often established a relationship which went beyond the normal business domain. Considering the global reach and competitive nature of most businesses, companies need the most efficient and effective ways to market, sell, and service clients. With an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program in place, customer satisfaction can be improved thereby maximizing sales revenue and lessening operational cost. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is the business processes and software that provides automated functions for Account and Contact Management, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service.

One of the pioneers and leaders in CRM solutions is the Maximizer CRM. Opting for hosted Maximizer CRM is the best way to efficiently manage customer relation. Like other hosted services it eliminates the capital cost of hardware and software purchase, reduces IT staff requirement, can be implemented immediately without any hassle, and has simple monthly payment plan. Developed as a web-based application, hosted Maximizer CRM offers several access options including web, desk top application (terminal services), and mobile access. CRM software consolidates all customer information and processes into one, consolidated view of each customer. This enables employees in sales, marketing and customer service, to arrive at quick, effective decisions on marketing strategies and problem resolution. It seamlessly integrates with existing business tools like Microsoft Outlook and Office, and other popular accounting applications. Maximizer CRM is highly configurable and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of the client’s business and enables business managers and executives to review the business performance with the use of dashboards and reports. Some of the more critical modules of hosted Maximizer CRM are sales opportunity management, communication, scheduling, reporting, document management, marketing campaign management, customer service, etc.

Hosted Maximizer CRM enables businesses to: Create improved relationships with customers through more effective target marketing, increase customer loyalty thereby ensuring repeat business, automate business processes and repetitive tasks, helps corporate decision making by providing information and analysis of staff and business performance.

Using hosted Maximizer CRM benefits businesses in the form of: Increased revenue, higher ROI, increased productivity, improved service response time, more number of successful deals, better internal communications, more accurate sales forecasts, improved level of customer service, ability to create comprehensive customer profiles, fast account history access, etc.

Deploying hosted Maximizer CRM in your business can be one of the wisest corporate decisions by you.